Parafarmacia La Mela offers a range of consultancy and diagnostic services to evaluate and improve your health status, such as: 

  • Healthy advice: you can contact us for any kind of healthy information, we will gladly respond to the limits of our competences. 
  • Blood Pressure Measurement: we are at your disposal for manual or electronic blood pressure measurement. The service is free, so please be patient if there are customers with urgent requests.
  • Extemal preparation of herbal teas: we prepare mono or multi-plant herbal teas both on our recipe or on your request. The service takes about 10 minutes of waiting and is temporarily suspended in the event of an exceptional inflow of customers. Herbal teas have a variable price depending on the herbs and the quantities required. 
  • Biotricotest and Slimtest: we perform hair sample removal and information collection to be sent to accredited laboratories for Biotricotest (and Slimtest) Bioresonance Examination. In about 20 days we provide the results and all the relevant information to remedy the detected Food Disturbance Fields. Contact us for more information and test prices. 
  • Rental of Mammal Milk Pullover and weighing scales dor babies: we rent for a maximum of three months (renewable) the latest Medela Sinphony or Mebby Gentlefeed Mono electronic pullovers. The safety of use is guaranteed by the purchase of a sterile replacement kit comprising all the parts in contact with the breast milk. We also hire precision weighing scales in the face of a small advance on the cost of daily use. 
  • Aerosol rental: For those who did not foresee continuous use of aerosol therapy equipment, we rent a professional model for use with personal kits. 
  • Rental crutches: We rent adjustable crutches in front of a small advance on the daily cost. 
  • Weight measurement, body mass index, height and percentage of lean and fat mass: thanks to a precision scales with digital statimeter and dedicated equipment, we are able to monitor these parameters for you, track your diet and eventually to advise you about it. 
  • Hair and Skin Analysis: with a special equipment, we can thoroughly check the skin of your face and then advise you on the best products you should use. In addition, we can determine your specific phototype and the status of your cute capillary. 
  • We procure references that are not listed or in stock: we provide on request (by telephone or by email) references that we do not normally handle. Price and availability depend on our suppliers.
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